LTC1516 Micropower, Regulated 5V Charge Pump DC/DC Converter

Product Details

The LTC1516 is a micropower charge pump DC/DC converter that produces a regulated 5V output from a 2V to 5V supply. Extremely low supply current (12µA typical with no load, < 1µA in shutdown) and low external parts count (two 0.22µF flying capacitors and two 10µF capacitors at VIN and VOUT ) make the LTC1516 ideally suited for small, light load battery-powered applications. Typical efficiency (VIN = 3V) exceeds 70% with load currents between 50µA and 50mA. Modulating the SHDN pin keeps the typical efficiency above 70% with load currents all the way down to 10µA.

The LTC1516 operates as either a doubler or a tripler depending on V IN and output load conditions to improve overall efficiency. The part has thermal shutdown and can survive a continuous short from VOUT to GND. In shut-down the load is disconnected from VIN .

The LTC1516 is available in an 8-pin SO package in both commercial and industrial temperature grades.


  • 2-Cell to 5V Conversion
  • Li-Ion Battery Backup Supplies
  • Local 3V to 5V Conversion
  • 5V Flash Memory Programmer
  • Smart Card Readers

Features and Benefits

  • Ultralow Power: Typical Operating ICC = 12µA
  • Short Circuit/Thermal Protection
  • Regulated 5V ±4% Output
  • 2V to 5V Input Range
  • No Inductors
  • ICC in Shutdown: < 1µA
  • Output Current:
    • 20mA (VIN > 2V)
    • 50mA (VIN > 3V)
  • Shutdown Disconnects Load from VIN
  • Internal Oscillator: 600kHz
  • Compact Application Circuit (0.1 in2)
  • 8-Pin SO Package